What's different about us.

Do you think your child has an interest in music but don't know where to start?

Would you like your child to learn an instrument but don't know which one?

Would you like to give your child a music education but are confused as to where to go or who to trust?

At Ritmico we know well that every child is different, and we know how important it is for them to have a first possitive experience with music that will encourage them to keep learning a unique language that is music.

All our music programs have been especially designed to lay proper music foundations, while being fun and interesting for children. We have also a clear route that every child should take in learning an instrument from learning basic music skills at the age or 4/5 to learning an instrument at a great standard and being proficient in music notation, aural skills and singing. Learn more about our suggested music learning path here.

Why Ritmico and not just private lessons?

Learning music is not just about learning to play notes on an instrument. Music is the most creative abstract language and a multi-modal activity. If children want to properly learn music it is not just enough with playing the right pitches with more or less the right rhythm, is about developing internal pulse, body coordination, aural awareness that will improve pitch, phrasing of the music, expressing emotions, performing skills and socialising skills developed through playing in ensembles. All this full experience is what we try to nurture at Ritmico. We have a clear teaching philosophy that all our tutors follow, and specific teaching techniques that are consistent through our classes and lessons. We offer workshops, ensembles and two student concerts a year. And our Music Core and Music Language classes are designed to reinforce Music Theory and Aural skills, which is proven to help children learn much faster and more motivated on their instruments. 

Different learning styles

Every child has an artistic gift in them, some are more aural, some more tactile and some more visual, and developing it will provide them with a tool to express their emotions and, its benefits are long proven to have a more healthy mind in the future.

When you and/or your child have decided that playing an instrument is important the questions faced are then where to start... private tutor, music class, school clubs, which instrument, what age??

What we recommend

Age: the earlier the better.

Children have an amazign capacity to learn from a very young age and they can do so very early with programmes specially adapted to their age.

Learning path: First a child as young as 3 or 4 should fundamental music skills (internal pulse and inner ear) and gross motor skills at the same time as being exposed to different instruments from across the different families. As the children grow an insterest for a specific instrument, or family, they should start with group instrumental lessons, reinforced with Music Language classes (Music theory and Aural). Depending on their maturity and development, and the instrument they choose, we recommend they start individual lessons around the age of 8/10, still being reinforced by music language classes and with the complement of ensembles and choirs.