This is the perfect class for a first introduction into music for young children.

Run by qualified and dedicated music teachers, the Music Play Room is a place where children will experience a great variety of instruments first hand across all the different families and develop basic music skills.

Each session will contain different activities including:

-      Singing, developing aural skills and self-confidence

-      Music notation, basic foundation of writing music through fun and relaxed games.

-      Rhythm circles, where the children will develop hand coordination, pulse and group-work.

-      Music Instruments: each week the children will try and learn about a different instrument. They will learn how they work, how to play them and they will try them first hand.


We firmly believe that by introducing the children to different instruments early, it will create more opportunity for them to develop an interest in music, and they will be able to make an informed choice should they want to pursue an instrument in the future, increasing the chances of success and motivated learning. Most importantly, it will give them a life-long appreciation of music.

If you are interested in finding out if we offer this class in your school or we could organise a class, please contact us.