Every friday afternoon, for children aged 3-8 years old


FOR WHO: 3-5 years old (pre-school)

WHEN: Friday 2.30-3.00pm

WHERE: James Gillespies Primary School

HOW MUCH: T1 £70 / T2 £60 / T3 £45

This is the perfect class for a first introduction into music for young children.

Run by qualified and dedicated music teachers, the Music Play Room is a place where children will experience a great variety of instruments first hand across all the different families and develop basic music skills. Each session will contain different activities including:

- Singing, developing aural skills and self-confidence

- Solfeige, basic foundation of pitch through the Do-Re-Mi syllabus and Kodally hand signs.

- Rhythm circles, where the children will develop hand coordination, pulse and group-work, as well as the basic notation of rhythm

- Music Instruments: the children will try and learn about a different instrument through the term. They will learn how they work, how to play them and they will try them first hand.

          Progression: Music Core


FOR WHO: Children in P1 up to P4 

WHEN:  Friday 3pm-3.45pm

WHERE: James Gillespies High School 

HOW MUCH*: T1 £90 / T2 £70 / T3 £55

*(Get a 20% discount when taken in combination with an instrumental group)!!

Music Core is a place aimed at children getting a solid music foundation, including developing pulse ad rhythm, sight-singing, and reading music notation. It will also introduce the children to three basic instruments that give a taste to the different families (violin, ukulele, recorder and piano).
The programme will include:

• 3 instruments taught during the year: Ukelele/Violin (introduction to string instruments), Recorder (wind instruments) Piano. (Instruments will be provided).
• Use of the Music Mind Games method to teach music notation (based on the principles of Solfeige and Kodaly).
• Percussion instruments to work on pulse/rhythm
• Dance to develop coordination and expression of music
(following the principles of Dalcroze)
• Colour coded chimes to work on auditory skills
• Singing to develop aural skills.

The programme spreads through 2 academic years, with MUSIC CORE I being the introduction of all principles, and MUSIC CORE II, assimilating and securing all concepts.

PROGRESSION: Once the children have been introduced to all instruments, they are ready to start group or individual lessons on their chosen instrument, and will continue to work on Music Theory and Aural in MUSIC LANGUAGE .

Can be combined with group instrumental lessons

Progression: Music Language


FOR WHO: Children in P3 or higher 

WHEN: Friday 3.45-4.30pm

WHERE: James Gillespies High School

HOW MUCH*: T1 £120 / T2 £95 / T3 £70

*(Get a 20% discount when taken in combination with instrumental lessons)!!

Learning music is not about playing an instrument in isolation. Music is a language, and as such, we must learn to speak, read and write it and use it correctly to express meanings and feelings.

Music Language is designed for children already learning a musical instrument as an intermediate level of  Music Theory and Aural skills (auditory and singing). This class helps greatly support the development of their playing when learning an instrument. Children usually spend great part of their instrumental lessons in reading notation and rhythm, and other formal aspects of the music. With Music Language they will progress faster and better, giving them a solid all-rounded music education. They can also prepare for Theory exams and grades, should the wish to do so.

Children will be grouped by levels, with an Initial, Intermediate and Advanced level group.  The materials and the pace will be adapted to the individual needs. All books and materials are included. 

Recommended to be combined with group or 1:1 instrumental lessons.

For more information or to book a place contact us