Ritmico counts with a wonderful team of instrumental tutors that follow the philosophy and professionalism of the company. 

Instrumental learning can start at any point. At Ritmico we recommend that children start in our Music Room class, and Music Core, where they can have a first hand experience with many different instruments, and then go on to group instrumental classes, small tuition and finally into 1:1 tuition. For more info on options, starting ages and our recommended learning path, please go to Music Learning Path.

Lessons will usually take place at the pupil's home address, and the pupils can choose between our huge range of instruments taught.

At Ritmico we understand that each child is different, and wile some children are good readers and work well on targets, others are better at being creative on their instrument and feeling that they are having fun while learning. On the lessons the children advance at their own pace, and lessons are tailored to the needs of each child so that they are motivated and focussed. 

Children are supplied with a practice diary, which serves child and parents to keep track of progress and have clear instructions of the practice goals during the week.

Parents will receive two progress reports a year, to which they can also provide feedback, and we encourage parents and tutors to have regular talks to make sure things are going smoothly. 

Our pupils have the great opportunity of taking part on our many workshops where they can be parts of bands and ensembles, and two formal student concerts a year.

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1:1 Lessons (First trial lesson FREE)

- 30 minutes £16

- 45 minutes £20

- 60 minutes £25

Siblings discounts*

- 2x20 minutes lessons was £26 now £22

- 2x30 minutes lessons was £32 now £30

- 2x60 minutes lessons was £50 now £46

* Siblings lessons' time can be arranged in different ways.  Sometimes the tutor will decide to have the two children separately, and sometimes to teach them together for part or all of the lesson. This can be discussed after the trial lesson.


At Ritmico we firmly believe that music has to be shared. You shouldn't settle for a private lesson once a week and an exam every year, so that the only experience of your child with performing music is playing in front of their tutor and in an stressful exam situation.

Music should be enjoyed and more importantly shared with friends and family in a friendly and positive environment. That is why, at Ritmico we orgnise two family concerts a year, where all our pupils get an opportunity to perform in front of parents and friends, and even listen to their tutors performing.

We also encourage the participation of children in small ensembles and create opportunities for them to do so.


All our tutors are qualified musicians, trained by Ritmico to offer the best curriculum to the children and are all PVG scheme members. 

Our tutors offer friendly lessons and Ritmico regularly supervises and ensures that they are offering the best learning environment for every child.



STRINGS: Violin, Viola, Cello, Harp, Guitar

WOODWIND: Recorder, Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone

BRASS: Trumpet, Trombone, Horn

Percussion / Drumkit