Please note that all group instrumental classes will be delivered ONLINE until Sctoland enters phase 4 or the Covid-19 measures plan. 

All groups will be kept small up to a maximum of 4 students.

Our group instrumental classes take place at James Gillespies High School, on a friday afternoon.

These are beginner courses aimed at giving children an introduction into the fundamental skills in playing their chosen instrument.

Pick your favourite!


The recorder proves very popular among children. A very gratifying instrument, children will learn quickly the basic techniques and be playing popular tunes.

The Recorder class follows a system of Colour Bracelets, where children progress at their own pace through levels, getting a more individualised learning experience, and keeping them challenged and interested. Children will have opportunities to perform solo and in a group, and it is ideal as a starting point into instrument learning.

Children who play recorder will have an easy transition into other wind instruments (saxophone, clarinet, flute, or similar). At Ritmico, we recommend that the recorder classes are taken in conjunction with Music Core classes. 


The old time favourite!

This is a place for children to enjoy learning to make music together on the guitar. The children have fun playing together while learning the basics of playing chords (strumming) and melodies (picking).

Children will be playing in a variety of styles including traditional tunes and the old favourite rock and pop songs. They will be encouraged to sing along the guitar and explore the basics of songwriting. 

Children need to have their own guitar (classical or acoustic). No previous knowledge required.


Violin, is without a doubt, a favourite among parents and children. This group violin class will provide the children with a friendly environment where to have a first touch with the instrument in a friendly environment.

Children will be playing in a variety of styles including traditional tunes, well know classical songs and even their favourite cartoon songs! Playing in a group proves beneficial in helping their aural awarness, posture correction and pulse.

Children need to have their own violin (the tutor can recommed size, and there are hiring schemes avaiable in music shops in Edinburgh). No previous knowledge required.