Posted by Rocio Banyuls on Saturday, October 22, 2016

Music Classes for children aged 5-7 starting soon in the Brunstfield area.

The Programme will be a solid one year programme developed to give to the children a solid music foundation should they wish to pursue an instrument on the future. Therefore, the programme will incude:

-       - 3 instruments taught during the year: Term 1: Recorder (introduction to wind instruments), Term 2: Ukelele and violin (string instruments) and Term 3: piano. (Instruments will be provided).

-       - Use of the Music Mind Games method to teach music notation (including Solfeige and Kodaly).

-       - Percussion instruments to work on pulse/rhythm

-       - Colour coded chimes to work on auditory skills

-       - Singing to develop aural skills.


The idea behind these classes is that proper music classes and a proper music foundation is given to the children in a fun way, so this is NOT another “singing nursery rhymes and clapping” class.o

The classes would have between 7 and 10 children, and would cost £5 per session. The classes will start in January 2017 and there will be a free trial session without compromise.

If you are interested, please contact us HERE.

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