Saxophone in the Music Room

Posted by Rocio Banyuls on Thursday, May 9, 2019
This week the children at Gracemount Primary have been learning about the saxophone. They learned what is made of, all the parts of the sax, and that the most important part to actually need to make a sound is a tiny piece made of cane called 'reed'! They were really amazed at that, but the most surprising thing was that, when asked how many keys (buttons) the saxophone had, they had a wild guess at 7 or 12, but they weren't expecting the sax to have 23 keys to press with only 10 fingers in our hands! Lovely to see them discovering new things.

They also got to listen to some lovely music played for them by our specialist tutor, but most importantly, they acutally tried playing the saxophone themselves! All said, there was some big stretch or arms and fingers to reach the keys, and some very strong blowing needed, but they all managed to get a good sound out of it. Some future starts definetely there!

Well done Gracemount!



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