How to make most out of ONLINE LESSONS

Posted by Rocio Banyuls on Wednesday, December 30, 2020
Taking your instrumental lessons online, might seem like a struggle, even something impossible for a young child to engage with. Read below for tips on how to make online lessons successful for all the family!

1. DRESS for the OCCASION!
Preparing yourself and the room for the time of the lesson is extremely important. Allow 10 to 15 minutes to prepare the room, the device to make the call, and specially your instrument and all the music in a music stand. This will put you (or your child) in the right frame of mind and give you time to warm up as well to make sure that no time is wasted! All this prep time that you can do prior to the lesson time is time earned going online!

2. One, two, three... test test...
Make sure that you do a sound check before the first time that you sign in (you can even arrange one with your tutor). Online music lessons work best through Zoom, make sure that you read through our audio settings guide to make the most of a good sound during the lesson. For the best sound experience, make sure you are laying around half a metre away from the microphone.

3. Camera on! Smile!
The position of the camera is also important. Make sure that you position it in a way where the tutor can see your lovely face and also both your hands when playing. Also be prepared to come closer to the camera to show specific finger positions when asked. Playing standing up is preferable (except obviously cello, guitar and piano), but if you have to be sitting down make sure you sit at the edge of your chair with the back straight. 

4. Taking notes.
The advantage of having online lessons is that you can always ask your tutor for permission to record the lesson so that you can watch it back during the week. Also, the tutor might be able to record specific passages for you as audio or video recordings. All the annotations and practice diaries can also be done online, for best results use a shared document like Google Docs or Microsoft 365, in that way the tutor can make notes during the lesson and you can also edit to add comments or questions you might have. 

5. Enjoy! We are in the digital age!
Don't forget that, even though we might be playing Bach in an instrument very similar to the one he was using, we are in the 21st century now, and we can also make use of all the new technology available! Share recorded performances with family and friends, complete graded exams remotely, or start composing your own music with the aid of music software. The possibilities are endless and if we embrace it in the right way it can overall make a much more possitive and engaging experience for students!

Happy Learning!

From the Ritmico team!