Posted by Rocio Banyuls on Wednesday, May 16, 2018
Last Saturday we had the pleasure of having some of our young pupils performing at the Grange Fair.
We had a lovely sunny day (can't say that often...), and the children performed some beautiful music for the crowd gathered there.
We had three recorder groups, one of them with children as young as 5, performing their very first public performance with great confidence!

We also heard a lovely recorder duet, and we also had a very confident solo recorder by a young girl who is preparing to do her grade 3 recorder in a couple of weeks.

Finally, we were lucky to hear to some funky jazz by a young saxophonist, confidently playing with backing tracks (perhaps we will have to pay to see him in not too long!

Well done to all our pupils, and it was lovely to see and catch up with all the children and their lovely families!

We'll hopefully see you at our annual summer concert that is going to take place on saturday the 23rd of June. More info soon!

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