Getting to know about all the musical instruments

Posted by Rocio Banyuls on Tuesday, November 18, 2014
At Ritmico, one of our favourite clubs is the Music Play Room.
In it, the children get to try first hand a great variety of instruments and learn about them.

This term, in the several Play Rooms running, we've had instruments like the saxophone, trumpet, piano, violin, flute, recorder and percussion.
And there's more coming!!

The children can then try them and make an informed decision when they chose an instrument to play later on.

We've recently started a Music Play Room in collaboration with the association ALBA ( And here are some collages that the children have been making, learning about the different instruments and how they are grouped in families.

Apart from learning about instruments and trying them, they also learn to read and interpret music using the method Music Mind Games (, through fun games. Hopefully, giving them an enjoyable introduction into music that will give them a life long appreciation of music!

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