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January 8, 2019
Join our team at Ritmico Music. 
We price ourselves for being a small team that work and play together and more importantly we support each other.

We are currently looking for piano and violin tutors, but any new instrumental tutors are very welcome!

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RITMICO Christmas Concert - Friday 14th December

December 9, 2018

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August 21, 2018
The new course has started and things are bubbling at Ritmico with all the preparations for new exciting programmes, activities, methods and materials.

We're starting an array of new courses at our idealistic new venue, the magic St Andrew's room at Marchmont St Giles Church. Our programme this year includes a novelty Scottish Harp Club, and much more!

We look forward to see all the children going back to their lessons and classes and we very much look forward to welcome all the new additions t...
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June 12, 2018
As you might know, JGPS decided to stop all music clubs from happening inside school premises due to lack of space.
We,ve been working hard to keep the clubs running and keep building on the job we,ve been doing for the last 10 years.
I can now confirm that the clubs will keep running in an outside venue in a similar way as currently. 
We will confirm details about arrangements soon,but please, be reassured that the children will have a place to keep developing their music interests and skills.
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May 16, 2018
Last Saturday we had the pleasure of having some of our young pupils performing at the Grange Fair.
We had a lovely sunny day (can't say that often...), and the children performed some beautiful music for the crowd gathered there.
We had three recorder groups, one of them with children as young as 5, performing their very first public performance with great confidence!

We also heard a lovely recorder duet, and we also had a very confident solo recorder by a young girl who is preparing to do her ...
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March 7, 2018
The annual Edinburgh Competition Festival (http://www.ecfest.org.uk) is currently underway, filling the city with lovely young music.
We are very proud and happy to announce that we have already two winners among our students; Nikas won class 106 on saxophone, and Sabrina won class 311 on piano.
Our most sincere congratulations to the children, who have given their best and succeeded in a very stressful performance situation. Also, to the parents who continue to support and give importance to t...
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James Gillespies Primary to STOP all Music Clubs

February 20, 2018
We are very sorry to tell you that James Gillespies primary School has decided to stop all music clubs using school premises from August 2018, due to space restrictions.

The news have come as a great shock to us, especially considering that we have been working in the school for 10 years and have grown a great music community and impacted greatly the life of so many children there, through our many music clubs (Music play Room, Recorder, Ukelele, Guitar, Piano and Voice). 

The school have given...
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Merry Christmas from the Ritmico Team

December 10, 2017
Today we had a fantastic Christmas Concert with a big array of talent.

Many thanks to all that participated, specially to all children and tutors.

Merry Christmas!

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September 16, 2017

Spanish Guitar group classes, for Spanish speaking children.

Clases de Guitarra Española para niños a partir de 7 años.
Clases grupales con profesora nativa cualificada y con experiencia.

Los niños aprenderán técnicas básicas de guitarra española, asi como adquirir conocimiento de música, compositores y artistas españoles.

Los niños necesitaran su propia guitarra, pero se permite asistir hasta tres sesiones sin guitarra para probar antes de comprometerse.

Organizado por la Asociación E...
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MUSIC LANGUAGE (Theory and Aural)

August 21, 2017
This term we are going to start Music Language lessons.

Is your child learning an instrument but spends half the lesson trying to read the notes and understand the signs?

Music theory is essential when learning music, which is after all a language. Learning to read, write and interpret it correctly will help students progress much faster and better in their instruments.

We also help them prepare for exams and grades.

Suitable for any child between 8-16, at any level.
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