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Our History

Ritmico Music was founded in 2009 with the main purpose of improving the music education of children.

Ever since we set up our first group recorder class, run by our manager and founder, Ritmico has been growing to provide music and instrumental classes, workshops and performances around Edinburgh. We have run after-school clubs in primary schools, such as Sciennes, James Gillespies, Corstorphine, Stockbridge and Gracemount among others, music classes for children as young as 3 in Marchmont and provided group and individual instrumental tuition to children around Edinburgh.

We also run two student concerts a year in the wonderful premises of the Music Box (Edinburgh College), and different instrumental workshops and rehearsals, proudly including our own Ritmico Blues Band! We have also been running specialist workshops for children in different communities and nurseries and participate in different performances in the community.

Why Ritmico ?

At Ritmico we know how important it is for each child to have positive first experiences with the unique language that is music. Learning music is not just learning to play notes on an instrument. Music is a creative, abstract language. Music is a multi – modal activity. Music is the pinnacle of human expression.

The process of learning to play music properly is much more complex than playing the right pitches with correct rhythm. Learning music for children is about developing an internal pulse and physical co-ordination. It is about developing an aural awareness that improves pitch and an understanding of the phrasing of music and emotional expression. It is about learning the skills of performing before an audience and socialisation through playing in ensembles and orchestras.

At Ritmico we aim to nurture every child by providing holistic learning experiences. We have a clear teaching philosophy and use tried and tested teaching techniques that are consistent throughout our classes and lessons at all ages and stages. Our Music Room and Music Literacy classes are designed to reinforce music theory and aural skills, both of which are proven to help children learn their instruments faster and with more motivation.

All our music programmes have been designed to lay sound foundations for children’s musical learning in a way that is fun, engaging and developmentally appropriate. Our programmes set out a clear route that every child should take in learning an instrument from learning basic music skills from the age of 3 to learning an instrument to a high standard and becoming proficient in music notation, aural skills and analysis.

Please contact us for personalised advice about the first or next steps in your child’s music education.

We offer: 

Music Classes for pre-school children up to 12 years old.

Group and Individual  Instrumental lessons 

Regular music and instrumental workshops

Regular student concerts and recitals


We firmly believe that music education is a core skill in any child’s early education.

Music provides numerous positive functions; from the enhancement of school ethos to raising confidence and social skills.

We aim to provide every child with the opportunity to learn these important skills and experience the joy of music-making so that they can make an informed decision should they wish to pursue music further. 

Management team

Rocio Banyuls (BMus, ABRSMDip, AdvDip Jazz, PGCert) 

"I pride myself for being a professional Saxophone musician, a lecturer, a mum, and a devoted music educator"

Rocio studied music in Spain and Scotland, completing her honours music degree in Edinburgh Napier University. Her curiosity for learning about performance and teaching, has brought her all over Europe learning with the top music performers and educators. 

In education, she has taught music in the community with a diverse range of groups, from groups with Learning Difficulties and very young learners to advanced music students. She is currently a Lecturer in Music at Edinburgh College and is an official teacher of Music Mind Games (an innovative method to teach music theory and aural skills). She tutors saxophone and coaches wind ensembles and a concert band. In her own time, she has studied many of the music methods around the world, and so designed a wholistic and well designed programme of music education.

In performance, she has been actively performing chamber music concerts with since 2007 and she has also performed with several renowned ensembles and orchestras, being the leader of Banyuls Saxophone Quartet. She recently gave the premiere of a new piece on the XVI World Saxophone Congress. 

Email Rocio at: r.banyuls@ritmicomusic.co.uk

Ritmico's team

We are VERY proud of our team of  qualified professional musicians, active performers, trained and devoted to music education.

We pride ourselves for being a small "family" where we really take care of the music education of students in a wholistic way. Students will get to know many of our tutors in our regular workshops and concerts, and in preparing exams and performances, there is always more than one professional overviewing the process and providing advice.

We are lucky to count with a team of tutors who are very enthusiastic, energetic, committed and full of fresh approaches and creativity.

All our tutors are trained, and monitored for quality of work.

They are all members of the PVG scheme and follow a programme that has been carefully crafted and selected by a team of professionals.

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