This is the perfect class for a first introduction into music for young children.

Run by qualified and dedicated music teachers, the Music Play Room is a place where children will experience a great variety of instruments first hand across all the different families and develop basic music skills. Each session will contain different activities including:

- Singing, developing aural skills and self-confidence

- Solfeige, basic foundation of pitch through the Do-Re-Mi syllabus and Kodally hand signs.

- Rhythm circles, where the children will develop hand coordination, pulse and group-work, as well as the basic notation of rhythm

- Music Instruments: the children will try and learn about a different instrument through the term. They will learn how they work, how to play them and they will try them first hand. 

         Progression: Music Core

FOR WHO: 3-5 years old (pre-school)

WHEN: Friday 2.30pm-3pm

WHERE: James Gillespies Primary School

HOW MUCH: T1 £70 / T2 £60 / T3 £45

If you are unsure which is the right class for your child, please check our