(Piano, Piano accompaniment and VIOLIN)

Jun holds a Bmus Classical music degree at both Aberdeen University and Kingston University. He also holds a BA in Muisc Performance. He has achieved ABRSM grade 8 on piano and music theory . He also plays the violin and has sung in different choirs, such as the national youth choir of Scotland.

Jun is also an accomplish piano accompanist as well, having accompanied many orchestras such as St Andrews orchestra and Edinburgh schools Jazz orchestra, and several choirs .

In terms of teaching experience, Jun has been teaching piano and music lessons at Costorphine primary school and Broxburn primary schools. Currently, he is based at James Gillespies primary school and has also got several years of private piano teaching experience.

"I believe that every student has a different approach to learning, and I am passionate about finding the best way to help them reach their fullest potential such as using differentiation"

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